Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions with answers regarding the ferry to Borkum. Questions about parking, rates, schedule, reservations, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions ferry Borkum

Does the ticket for my car include a ticket for passengers?

The ticket price for the transport of your car includes a ticket for the driver.

How much is a ticket for the ferry to Borkum?

When you depart from Eemshaven, a day return costs € 18.20. When departing from Emden the price is slightly higher: € 20.00.

Can I reserve a ticket for the ferry to Borkum?

This is possible when booking by telephone or on. You will then receive your tickets by mail or e-mail.

Can I get a (group) discount?

No group discount or other discount rates are offered.

How much does parking cost?

Parking in Eemshaven starts at € 5 per day. For parking in Emden the rates start at € 2.50 per day.

How do I get to my destination on Borkum?

Buses, taxis and a train service is available on Borkum. You can also rent bicycles on Borkum.

What time should I be at the terminal?

It is advisable to be present at least half an hour before the departure of the ferry.

How long does the crossing take?

The crossing from Eemshaven to Borkum takes approximately 55 minutes. From Emden this is just over 2 hours. Do you want to go from Emden to Borkum faster? Then hop on the catamaran and you will be on the island within an hour.

Is there free wireless internet available on the ferry to Borkum?

No, there is no wireless internet (WIFI / WLAN) available.

How long do I have to wait for the ferry to Borkum?

This depends on your time of arrival and the departure times to Borkum. Check the departure times ferry Borkum to plan your day well.

Where can I buy ferry tickets?

You can buy a ticket for the ferry to Borkum at the ferry terminal or in advance from home. This can be done both by telephone and online.

What is the address for the ferry to Borkum?

Borkumkade 1, 9979 XX Eemshaven for departures from Eemshaven and Borkumanleger 6, 26723 Emden for departures from the port of Emden Germany.

What does it cost to bring my bike on the ferry to Borkum?

A surcharge of € 8.00 (Eemshaven) or € 8.70 (Emden) applies for bringing your bike.