Prices ferry Borkum

Prices ferry Borkum

On this page you can read all about the prices for the ferry to Borkum. How much does a ticket for the ferry to Borkum cost? What are the Borkum ferry prices? If you want to know what a ticket for the ferry to Borkum costs then the following information and tips can be useful when planning your trip. This concerns general information and all prices and exceptions are not addressed too specifically, consult the AG EMS website for this. There you can also read everything about special regulations and further information about bringing your car on the ferry and such.

Ferry Borkum booking and reservations

Tickets for hour trip to Borkum can be purchased in three ways: directly at the ferry terminal, by phone or ordering online*. When you book by telephone or on the internet, you can have the tickets sent to your house by mail. A trip with the fast ferry (by catamaran) is a lot more expensive, reservations are required for this.

Ticket validity

A ferry ticket becomes valid from the day of issue and loses its value after that day. It is important to distinguish between a return ticket and a day return ticket. The normal return ticket is more expensive, but is valid for two months. A day return ticket is only valid on the day of issue.

Special rates

Unfortunately there are no group discounts available for groups or families. However, a family card is particularly affordable. This is a return ticket to Eemshaven or Borkum for two adults and two children.

If you want to bring a car, motorcycle or caravan on the ferry then the driver’s ticket is already included in the cost of the crossing. So no extra ticket has to be purchased for him or her.

If you expect to visit the island more than ten times a year, it is worth looking into buying a 10-round/return ticket.

Prices ferry Borkum

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Another interesting rate applies to RV’s. The so-called three-day package is valid for departures from both Emden or Eemshaven. This package also includes tickets for two adults, two children up to 11 years and a dog. In addition, you will be assigned an RV spot for two nights. This offer can be booked for € 236. For this package it is advised to book in advance by telephone.

Ferry Borkum costs

The mentioned ticket prices and other rates apply to both departures from Emden and departures from Eemshaven.

*Order tickets online at