Ferry Borkum

The ferry to Borkum

Borkum is the largest German Wadden island in front of the North Sea shores of Lower Saxony. The beautiful island can be reached by the AG EMS ferries, which are also known as the Ferry Borkum. The ferry to Borkum departs from two ferry ports: Eemshaven (the Netherlands) and Emden (Germany). In sunny weather you can relax on the open deck during the crossing to Borkum, while enjoying a snack from the on board restaurant. It is possible to take your bike, car or wheelchair on the ferry to Borkum.

Ferry Borkum from Eemshaven The Netherlands

The ferry crossing to Borkum from Eemshaven takes approximately 50 minutes. In the summer months the ferry departs on average four times per hour between Eemshaven and Borkum. Details about the timetable for this year can be found on the Eemshaven ferry departure times page.

Costs and ferry to Borkum prices – departure from Eemshaven

Prices and other fees for the ferry from Eemshaven can be found on the page Prices ferry Borkum-Eemshaven. On that page you can read everything about the costs for luggage, bringing your car, bicycles and caravans. Adults on average pay € 18.20 for a return ticket, children € 9.10. You can bring your bicycle for an additional charge of € 8.

Parking Eemshaven

Near the terminal in Eemshaven there is a parking lot that can accommodate around 2000 cars. Covered parking in Eemshaven is also possible. The parking costs are € 5 per day, in the covered parking lot the costs are € 6. The address for parking in Eemshaven is: Parking Borkumkade 1, 9979 XX Eemshaven, The Netherlands.

Ferry Borkum from Emden Germany

From the port of Emden you will reach Borkum in just over two hours. On average there are departures twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon. At special times you can take the catamaran at an additional cost. Compared to the regular ferry you will be twice as fast on the island. You can read everything about this year’s timetable on the Emden ferry departure times page.

Costs and prices Borkum ferry – departure from Emden

All ticket prices for the ferry from Emden can be seen on the page ferry Borkum-Emden prices. Here you can also read everything about the costs for luggage or taking your car and bicycle with you. The average ticket price for adults is € 20, children pay € 10. For an additional fee of € 8.70 a bicycle or cart can be brought on the boat to Borkum.

Parking Emden Germany

For visitors of Borkum who arrive by car is parking in Emden available on the parking lot of the harbor area. Enter the following address on your navigation system: Borkumanleger 6, 26723 Emden, Germany. Because Emden is located in Germany, both adults and children are advised to bring some form of identity. The parking costs for parking at the Borkum parking garage for the first day are € 2.50. Additional days cost € 2 per day. If you want to park a little closer to the terminal the parking rates are € 5 per day. A parking spot in Emden cannot be reserved, there is enough parking space available at the AG EMS port area.

To Emden by train

You can save a lot on parking costs when you travel to Emden by train. There are train departures to Emden on a regular basis.

Reservations and bookings

Ferry Borkum

Image: roprik/Flickr

You can buy a ticket for the ferry to Borkum at the terminal. Accepted payment methods are cash or debit/credit card. You will immediately receive your ticket after which you can board the ferry. Special rates and conditions apply when you want to take your car on the ferry to the island. It is therefore advisable to make a reservation.

It is possible to make a reservation for the ferry to Borkum by calling +49 01805/180 182 (14 cents per minute). The amount due must be paid no later than 6 weeks before your departure date. However, when you pay with a credit card (Visa/MasterCard), your booking is confirmed immediately. Then you can choose to have your tickets sent to you by mail or to pick them up in person at the terminal counter just before you board the ferry.

The easiest way to book a ticket for the ferry to Borkum is online. Payments can be made quickly and safely with a credit card. During your reservation you can check how many tickets there are still available (for pedestrians and cars). After your reservation you will receive a confirmation by email.


You are allowed to bring one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage on board. Extra baggage must be reported and paid for at the counter. The rates for luggage transport are listed at the ferry ports.