Parking Eemshaven

Borkum is almost completely car-free, so it’s advisable to park your car in Eemshaven. The parking lot is right next to the ferry port, so after parking you can hop right onto the ferry to Borkum. Parking in Eemshaven is certainly not expensive and only costs € 5 per day. You can pay conveniently at the parking meters, reservations are not possible.

In Eemshaven there is a large parking area where you can park your car. There is room for about 2000 cars. This parking lot is opens daily, 45 minutes before departure of the first ferry to Borkum. It closes in the evening 30 minutes after the last ferry has arrived in Eemshaven.

Parking Eemshaven

Eemshaven also provides a covered parking hall. You can leave your car in this car park for just € 6 per day. You cannot reserve a parking spot and parking in Eemshaven is at your own risk for all parking lots.

Parking in Eemshaven

Map: Borkumlijn

At every parking area are payment stations where you can pay with your debit/credit card or cash. Are you visiting Borkum for just a day? You can pay in advance for your parking ticket, so that you can skip the lines at the payment stations and safe a lot of time. If you plan to visit Borkum for a longer period, you can pay for your parking ticket while you’re still on the ferry back to Eemshaven.

Parking Eemshaven fo caravans or RV’s

Due to safety reasons, the parking area of the ferry port is prohibited at night. Parking on the roadside of the public road is also prohibited. The police is actively monitoring the area.

Route to Eemshaven

The address for parking in Eemshaven is: Borkumkade 1, 9979 XX Eemshaven.

Once arrived in Eemshaven you follow the signs that say “Ro-Ro Ferry Eemshaven Borkum”. You will then automatically arrive at the parking area. The parking area is within walking distance of the ferry port.

To Eemshaven by train

There is a train station close to the ferry terminal to Borkum. The Arriva train will take you comfortably from the city of Groningen to Eemshaven. The train to Eemshaven runs three to four times a day. The train schedule matches the departure times of the ferry to Borkum. If you prefer to travel from Groningen and park at the town of Roodeschool, you can take a cab from the train station of Roodeschool to Eemshaven.

Do you want to review the terms of conditions for parking in Eemshaven? Click here.